About Kie

Hey! I'm Kie, and welcome to my little piece of the Internet. Since you took the time to stop by and learn more about me, I won't disappoint you. Here goes nothing...

I'm a pretty laid-back guy living in Upstate New York...Saratoga Springs to be exact. I've been working as a Help Desk Specialist since May 2013, specializing in human resources systems. When I'm not working, I'm the proud father of a young daughter who just started grade school. In addition to being a dad, I enjoy anything related to sports (especially the Washington Redskins, Oakland A's, and Detroit Pistons). I'm also big on music, movies, reading, and writing when time allows for it.

I've worn quite a few different hats over the years. Here are just a few of them...

Help Desk Specialist

After working in the insurance industry for about 5 years, I decided to step into a profession that I enjoyed doing regardless of how much I ended up making in the process. It ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only do I get to spend my days with coworkers that I love, but I also get a greater feeling of appreciation from the people that I help. It gives me an opportunity to be one part problem solver, one part genius, and one part savior on a daily basis. I couldn't have asked for much more...


Outside of work, I devote virtually all of my free time to my daughter. When I'm not spending time with her, I'm spending my time thinking of things to do with her the next time we see each other. She's helped me grow into a much more responsible person, and also prevented me from taking life for granted. There's something about seeing the world through her eyes that makes it that much more enjoyable...

Sports Enthusiast

One thing that has always been constant in my life is my love of all things related to sports. It doesn't matter if it's golf or basketball, I'm going to be right there to watch it or attempt to play it. Although I don't consider myself the greatest athlete anymore, I'm one hell of a fantasy football manager and March Madness bracket picker.

Reluctant Bachelor

For the longest, I was a single man doing the things single guys do. Then out of the blue, I met someone special and had my daughter. For a while, I got the opportunity to live my American dream of having my own home and family. Sadly, the dream came to an end for a variety of reasons. It also thrust me back into the world of middle-aged single people. To call it an adventure would be putting it mildly...

Casual Writer

One of my college professors told me that writing was our way of sharing what was on our minds so our ideas don't die when we die. Prior to her telling me that, I never really thought what I had to say was that important. After she mentioned that, it made me realize that even the things I consider unimportant could be special to someone out there. I write because I'm happy. I write because I'm sad. I write because I'm stressed. Mostly, I just write about anything that's on my mind...

About SlappyWalker

I've started and stopped so many blogs and websites in my lifetime that I'm surprised they let me keep opening accounts. Usually the problem I run into is trying to write about topics that I have no interest in. I finally figured out that just writing about life through my own lens is the way to go. Whether that be sports, music, life lessons, or movie reviews, I'm just here to share my world with the world.