June 10, 2017

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Preparing Your Child for When You Leave on a Business Trip


Going out of town for business can be a challenge. Business meetings, conferences, and training sessions are pretty much the norm for a lot of careers nowadays. You not only have to book your travel plans and reserve a place to stay, you also have to temporarily learn a new area. As tough as this can be, it gets even more difficult when you add children to the mix. Although many parents would publicly say they welcome a break from family, there are also those that hate spending time away from their kids.

The stress isn't only about parents. For many children, there is confusion over why Mom or Dad has to go away for work. With each day that passes, a child's emotions can get out of control. If handled the wrong way, a business trip can be a nightmare for both parents and children.

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to prepare your child for your time away from home. By explaining why you must leave, communicating while you are gone, and setting up expectations, you can assure that going away on business doesn't end up torturing the family.

1. Explain Why You Are Leaving

One of the easiest things you can do in preparation of your trip is to make sure your child knows why you have to leave. As crazy as it sounds, there seem to be a ton of kids out there that have no clue what type of work their parents do. By taking the time to explain what your job is and why it is important, you can make sure your child understands why the business trip is necessary.

2. Explain Where You Will Be and For How Long

So you may be leaving on business, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun telling your child where you will be. Take the time to pull out a map or globe and show them exactly where you are traveling. If you'll be flying, show the route that you'll be taking to get there. Go over your itinerary so your kids can have a better idea of where you are during your travel day.

At the same time, let your child know how long your trip is supposed to last. Come up with a fun way to count down the time so each passing day brings more excitement than sadness.

3. Set Up a Way to Communicate

At this point in time, there is no excuse for not being able to communicate with your child while you are away. Whether it be cell phone, email, Skype, or snail mail, there is always a way to let your kid know how you are doing. If you choose to call or video chat, try to arrange a designated time so you don't accidentally miss each other and have to skip a day.

4. Leave Surprises While You Are Gone

Although you may not be home, you can still find ways to leave bits of your personality around the house. Leave notes or small presents in special places throughout your home. Write messages of encouragement to help your children get through the time you are away from home. You can also make it a game to see if they find them all before you get back from your trip.

5. Bring Something Home as a Reward

Once your trip has come to an end, find a way to reward your child for surviving your time apart. If you travel frequently, you can come up with a theme on the types of presents you bring back (ex. hats, t-shirts, or teddy bears from each city). Over time your child will look over their collection with pride and look forward to your next trip.

Most of all, be sure to spend plenty of quality time with your kids when you get back home. Time spent together after a business trip is the best present you can possibly give!

Do you have children? Do you travel on business often? How would you prepare your kids if you had to leave home for a business trip?


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